What is a Waiting List?

It is simply a contact list of people who are waiting to adopt a puppy. If you are interested in adopting a puppy from Schnauzers of Stonebrooke, it would be a great idea to be added to the list.   

How does the waiting list work?

When a litter of puppies is two weeks old, we begin to contact people in the order that they are on the list. When it is your turn, you can choose from all available puppies.  If, when you are contacted, you do not see a color or sex you like, you can ask to remain on the list and wait for the next litter. *Please let us know this as you will be removed if we do not hear back from you!* Once you have picked out the puppy that you would like to adopt, we require a $200 nonrefundable reservation fee to reserve it. The reservation fee will be applied towards the adoption fee. (Please note: We do not take a deposit until you have chosen your new family member!) The Reservation Contract must be signed and sent with the reservation fee.

What is required to be added to the list?

All that I need to add your name to the waiting list is your contact info. If you would like to be added, please go to the page labeled "Contact Us" and submit a form. Please specify the way you would like to be contacted! Make sure to state that you would like to be added to the waiting list.  Also, you can specify any color or gender preferences.

Stonebrooke reserves the right to first choice or to refuse an adoption. 

Waiting List

Linda Cowan (parti girl)

Lori Lehigh

Vanessa Baldwin ( 2 toys girls in the Fall)

Lisette Cameron (Paige)

Alison Belk

Crystal Young

Lori Knight (Male in November)

Tammy Walker

Michael Brian Sellers (Girl from Greta)

Ronnie & Ginger Diegel (Fall)

Justine Cauthen

Daniel Hang Ngov

Marie LeJeune (Call: Salt & Pepper)

Tracy Peele (teacup or toy)

Patrick McGarity

Adrian Cumbee

Glenda McCombe (Call)

Tracy Bogs

Deborah Dallas (July)

Pam Dillard

Leslie Cockfield (Boy)

Marie Spearman

Michelle Oxner (Emerson's litter)

Pattie Rhodes

Beth Odishoo (Jasmine's babies)

Bruna Navarro Modesto

Liz Doughty (Liver & Tan Boy)

Frederick Leitzel

Heather Simmons (Jasmine's)

Lynne Richards (Will Call)